My boyfriend’s back.

Wab Kinew defending Joseph Boyden’s The Orenda for CBC’s Canada Reads 2014. I have a feeling this book is gonna win. Which is rad because it is amazing. (excuse the ad for the northern gateway pipeline that plays beforehand though…. maybe it’s there ironically?)

rad old photos of ladies on motorbikes to tide me over until i put the plates back on mine.

Ears Under the Atlantic (2013) - Chris Myhr

Multi-channel sound installation occupying nearly two city blocks along the Halifax Harbour boardwalk. An onsite FM transmitter broadcasts a composition of echosounding needle pulses and bursts of high frequency sound to over 50 FM radios affixed to lamps and mooring posts along the harbour front. Visitors are led toward a central listening area surrounded by a multi-channel PA system which presents a constantly-shifting soundscape composed of underwater recordings captured from coordinates above the wreck sites of several naval support vessels now resting on the floor of the Harbour and Approaches (i.e. the Clare Lilley, Trongate, Mont Blanc, and Erg).
At periodic intervals, a traditional maritime folk song entitled The Drowned Sailor (performed by local singer/songwriter Victoria Parker) is foregrounded. Specially-designed software monitors radio activity around the exhibition site, and uses this information to distort and spatialize the vocal recording, referencing the breakdown of radio communications, and the aesthetic qualities of sound moving through water

Motorbike Girl Gangs of Morocco

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Save strength for work, and tears for sorrow and space it all with laughter.

Beryl Markham quoting her father in The Splendid Outcast

vancouver electronic artist 8prn is my current obsession.

plus this video is so westcoasty and it makes me never want to leave here.

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My thoughts on summer plant. Thank god I’m only here for 2 more days.

We rock in da forest.